What is arc rated PPE?

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      Mike Wilson

      Arc flashes are extremely dangerous and can result in serious personal injury or even in death. It is important for employers and safety managers to understand what arc rated personal protective equipment is and what the different categories mean. The categories are scored one through four with the highest number having the highest incident energy rating and requiring the highest level of protective gear.

      Category 1 (Minimum arc rating of 4 cal/cm squared)

      • Hard hat, safety goggles, appropriate hearing protection, and an arc-rated face shield
      • Leather gloves and an arc-rated long sleeved shirt
      • Finally, leather footwear and arc-rated pants

      Category 2 (Minimum arc rating of 8 cal/cm squared)

      • An arc rated-balaclava and face shield, safety goggles, and hearing protection
      • An arc-rated long sleeved shirt along with an arc-rated jacket and leather gloves
      • Arc -rated pants and leather footwear

      Category 3 (Minimum arc rating of 25 cal/cm squared)

      • An arc-rated suit hood with an arc-rated balaclava underneath, along with safety glasses and hearing protection
      • An arc flash suit jacket and arc-rated flash suit pants
      • Arc-rated pants and long sleeved shirt and leather gloves and footwear

      Category 4 (Minimum arc rating of 40 cal/cm squared)

      • A complete arc-rated flash: suit hood, suit jacket, and suit pants
      • Hearing protection and safety glasses
      • Arc-rated flash suit pants and long sleeved shirt
      • And arc-rated gloves as well as leather footwear
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