What is an arc flash analysis?

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      Mike Wilson

      Electrical safety experts conduct arc flash analyses to evaluate and determine hazards and risks associated with electrical systems. Under OSHA, electrical arc flashes are considered a recognized hazard requiring an analysis to determine the severity of the hazard the proper safeguards that must be implemented.

      An arc flash analysis, sometimes called an arc flash study, begins with gathering all the documentation you have on the electrical systems in your facility. You will most likely need to use a software that specializes in arc flash analysis due to the complexity and mathematical components. The results of the analysis will give you the information needed to order or create warning labels, train employees, and know what type of PPE you will need to provide workers. Some software can even give PPE level recommendations, incident mitigation strategies, and written electrical safety programs.

      Have you or your company performed an arc flash hazard analysis? Let us know in the discussion if anything came up that surprised you, or what you do differently next time. Also, share any tips you may have for someone preparing for their own analysis!

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