What are potentials for human injury when an arc flash occurs?

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      Mike Wilson

      The event of an arc flash can result in devastating injuries or even death to workers in the area. Although the duration of an arc flash is usually less than 30 seconds, it can be truly catastrophic. Temperatures are hotter than that of the sun, the sound can be deafening, and the heat can melt even metal. The following are five different potentials an arc flash can cause to a worker:

      • Arc blast damage:  An intense force that is thousands of pounds per inch can be created from an arc blast. This force can knock people through the air, cause broken bones, collapse lungs, and cause concussions.
      • Burns: Arc flashes often causes second and third degree burns in a fraction of a second.
      • Electrocution : Workers can be electrocuted if the arc flash travels through a person; it can also be fatal
      • Eyesight Damage: Arc flashes produce an intense amount of light which cause temporary or long-term damage to the eyes.
      • Auditory Damage: Permanent hearing damage can be a result of the extremely loud noises caused by an arc flash.
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