How do I label for optimal arc flash safety?

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      Mike Wilson

      Because arc faults and arc flashes pose such a catastrophic hazard to facilities and workers, it is important to take proper precautions to keep everyone safe. Visual communication is often a great asset to any safety program and labeling for arc flash is no exception. The labels can help to warn people of present risks as well as encourage them to don appropriate personal protective equipment. There are currently no legal requirements regarding arc flash labeling, but OSHA does require employers to keep a workplace free of hazards.

      All electrical equipment in a facility should be labeled with in arc flash label. Each label has five different components on it to ensure workers understand the risk:

      1. A “WARNING” header complete with a safety alert symbol.
      2. The calculated arc flash boundary.
      3. The arc flash rating.
      4. The specific hazard category.
      5. A list of the required PPE in the area.

      Not only will these labels help to warn workers of the hazards present it will also communicate adequate PPE the worker can wear to stay safe.

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